About Me

Throughout my professional journey, I have been a Technocrat, occupying senior roles within both government and private sector entities. I have harnessed my technological prowess to develop organizations, spearhead the delivery of intricate solutions, and mastermind the formulation and implementation of policies aimed at enhancing organizational efficiency. All of this was accomplished in the midst of demanding and high-pressure conditions.

However, as I transitioned beyond my professional career, I embarked on a new and fulfilling path as a compassionate Life coach and Mentor.

An Alumni of India’s prestigious Institute ‘ IIT Kanpur’ ; have served more than 40 Years in the Corporate-world. This includes Multinational , National and big Corporates i.e. Ericsson, Airtel, and Defence R&D – Organization. During this period, right from a Scientist to Chief Operating Officer & Director for a multinational, I had privilege to interact, relate , socialize, collaborate with more than 25K employees and luminaires like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam , the visionary Scientist called ‘Missile Man’ and 11th President of India ( indeed a true privilege and blessings). Dr. Kalam’s spiritual transformation was influenced by various life experiences and encounters that shaped his worldview. While his scientific and technological achievements were well-known, his spiritual journey played a significant role in his life and approach to the leadership, which truly inspired me ( APJ Abdul kalam : Transcendence – My Spiritual Experience with Pramukh Swami ji).

While the ambitions, courage , perseverance and austerity helped me to keep sailing even toughest and most challenging period , but the same time , I have been equally worried about my Colleagues , Co-workers, Sub-ordinates regarding their ‘Day today work-bickering’, their ‘existential contemplations’ and ‘pondering on human conditions’.

From primary education level, I had an exposure on fundamental insights and educational experiences regarding Vedic philosophy & Ancient texts, which instilled a sense of reverence for knowledge, humility , moral and truthfulness. Hence, have been able to co-relate them with modern business practices, sustainability of environment, stress management, Work life balance, leadership development etc, in a very natural way.

Vedic -ways‘, for me, is a humble , transformative approach, to help all those working in corporate world (specifically), and others in general, to make them learn and practice centuries old , most trusted philosophy, in a simplified way . Further to guide and navigate individuals about their ‘ genuine aspirations’, ‘essence of self existence’ and to live a ‘purposeful & blissful- life’ with full potential.

Hari Kant Mishra

Mail ID: harikant@vedic-ways.com