In the Vedic sense, bliss is referred to as “Ananda,” which signifies a state of supreme happiness and profound joy that transcends ordinary experiences. It is a state of pure and unbounded Joy that arises from the realization of one’s true nature and connection with the divine.

True bliss in the Vedic sense is attained through self-realization or self-discovery. It is the recognition of one’s true identity beyond the limitations of the ego or individual personality. By transcending the identification with the physical body and the mind, one can experience the eternal and blissful nature of the Self (Atman) or the Divine.

Bliss , indeed, is seen as an inherent aspect of spiritual evolution . As individuals progress on the spiritual path and deepen their connection with the divine, they experience increasing levels of bliss. It is considered the natural outcome of spiritual practices such as meditation, introspection, devotion, and selfless service.