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Power Yoga

Sun Salutation , also known as ‘Surya Namaskar‘, is a popular sequence of yoga postures that is commonly practiced as Power Yoga, due to its composite packaging and thus derived benefits . It consists of a series of flowing movements that are synchronized with the breathing controls. Major benefits are: It’s important to note that […]


In the Vedic sense, Wealth encompasses more than just material riches and financial prosperity. The concept of Wealth in the Vedic tradition is holistic and includes various dimensions beyond monetary possessions. Here are some key aspects of wealth in the Vedic sense: 1. Artha (Material Wealth): This is the most commonly recognized form of wealth, […]

Why Vedic-Ways

Vedic practices, which originated in ancient India, thousand of years back, continue to hold relevance in today’s world for several reasons. While important to note that these practices offer valuable insights and techniques, their application and relevance depend on individual beliefs, preferences, knowledge and cultural contexts; elaborated here are a few aspects of Vedic practices […]